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Company Benefits & Costs

New Jersey Business Club is an organization of companies in New Jersey whose purpose is to provide increased visibility for member companies, and a site where the individual member can find out more about these companies and the specials they are offering.

                                                                  Join now only - $300.00 for One Year!   See details below.

Would you like more people to know about your company?

Would you like more people to know about the specials you offer?

Would you like to display your LOGO or a picture of your business? No problem just upload the image.

Does your company have Job Openings to fill?

Would you like to spend less money on large company purchases?   Then read on!

Benefits summary:

NJBusinessClub.com provides …

A place where potential customers can find your company and the goods and services you offer.
(We are currently averaging over 1000 hits per day on our site)

A networking tool called the "Virtual Business Network", which allows members to exchange business information with other member companies.

A place for your company to list available job openings to help reduce the cost of hiring.

A place for your company to promote "specials" to prospective customers.

Benefits detail:

Company Listing - When you join, your company will be listed in the county and category directories.  Any descriptive information you include such as products and services your company offers, specials you are running, discounts you are offering, etc. will be included with your company information.  We constantly get visitors who are looking for companies in New Jersey who offer specific Products and Services.  You can start reaching those prospects by joining today. 

What do visitors search for when they visit?   Typical Searches

If you have a web site, you can enter the URL information and visitors will be forwarded to your site.  For those who do not have a site we provide you with the ability to create a custom site page.

Jobs - We provide our members with an easy to use job listing service.  The cost is $50.00 per job listing.  As a new member, you will receive a credit of $100 for job listings.  Your first two job listings are free with your paid membership!

Network - As a member you can join the "Virtual Business Network" and your company information will be emailed to all other members of the network.   When a new member joins the network, you will receive an EMail from them and you can reply with your information via EMail.

Specials - If you are running a "special" and you would like to get the information to all members, we provide that capability.  Here is how it works.  You enter all the information about your special such as starting date and ending date, title and description, etc.  We then include a summary of your information in our weekly mailing to members who have expressed an interest.  The E-Mail contains a link to your information, where the full details will be displayed.  In addition, when any member logs onto NJBusinessClub.com, they will be able to view a summary of all current specials.

Costs - Company membership is only $300.00 for a full year.  

Additional ways to save:

If you advertise in any way, and you include a short message like "Visit us at NJBusinessClub.com" or you have a website and you put a link on your site to NJBusinessClub.com, we will credit you with a $50.00 discount for the following year.  Just send us a copy of your ad or URL of your site so we can arrange a credit for the next year.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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